All set for Leland dredging work

Leland Harbor Personnel will be starting the dredging of the harbor mouth on or around April 11, said Susan Och, Township Supervisor at Leland Township, Michigan.

Susan Och facebook photo

This is an annual process where the dredging crews suck up the sand that has drifted into the harbor mouth and deposit it onto the beach about 1000 feet south of the harbor entrance.

“While this is going on, the beach is a dangerous place to be. The sand is moved by the force of a lot of water. When it is deposited on the beach, the slurry is unstable, often resembling quicksand,” said the supervisor.

“There is also an excavator that is working on the beach to flatten out the piles. The sand that is moved is pretty much the same sand that we move every year.”

“We expect the dredging process to take about one week.”

Although some of Leland will be open, the public restrooms at the harbor will not be opened until after dredging is complete.