Maalhos Island harbor development in full swing

The Maalhos Island harbor development project in Alif Alif atoll, the Maldives, is moving forward.

MTCC photo

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) said yesterday that the fifth shipment of rock boulders required for the harbor development project has been delivered to the project site.

Currently ongoing work at the site is jetty beam shuttering, according to the company.

Under the scope of the project, MTCC is required to carry out dredging and excavation operations in an area measuring 24,335 cubic meters.

The company was also contracted to construct a quay wall measuring 394 meters, a 407-meter breakwater and a groyne measuring 56 meters.

The work also includes the development of a harbor pavement measuring 1,970 square meters.

The project is valued at MVR 61.3 million ($4 million).