Herbosch-Kiere dredging the Helsingborg Port (VIDEO)

Herbosch-Kiere – a company involved in offshore, river, port and coastal projects for more than a century – recently kicked off a dredging project in Helsingborg Port, Sweden.

Photo courtesy of André Post / Herman Senior

The project involves maintenance dredging of loose sediments within the Port of Helsingborg which has been divided into three segments: Cityhamnen, Västhamnen and Sydhamnen.

At the moment, the company’s self-propelled vessel Albatros and split barge Beaver and Herman Senior b.v. Tug boat Baloe are working on the project.

View on Youtube.

The dredged sand is being transported to a quay where two Finnish contractors (Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy and Arman Oy) are responsible for pumping out the split barge.

They pump the dredged sand into geotubes to dewater the sediment mixture. After this, the dredging masses – consisting of of silt, sand and mud – will be transported to a designated disposal area.