Royal IHC celebrates keel laying of the DMC 1050 MKII

Last week, the regular information meeting at IHC Dredging Standard Modular Vessels took on a celebratory tone. During the meeting, the keel was laid of the new design of the DMC 1050 MKII.

Photo courtesy of IHC

The keel is part of the smallest self-propelled standard workboat within IHC product portfolio. To celebrate successes and under the motto ‘whom does not honor the small’, an event for the keel laying of this small workboat was organized for the colleagues who worked on the DMC 1050 MKII.

During the event, IHC Product Manager, Corné Hout explained why a new design was chosen and what improvements have been made.

“The reasons for the new design of this genuine in-house Royal IHC product, were mainly to continue to improve our quality and reliability. It also gave the opportunity to implement feedback from customers, dredgers and production into the new design, with an enhanced focus on safety and sustainability,” said Hout.

The DMC (Delta Multi Craft) 1050 is a compact multipurpose heavy duty work boat that has been designed to optimize the operation of Royal IHC’s Beaver® cutter suction dredgers. The DMC range is renowned for its durability, reliability and performance.