Royal IHC on sustainable dredging: Classic design approach is no longer sufficient

The energy transition brings many uncertainties in the development of sustainable dredging vessels and equipment.

Royal IHC photo

At the CEDA/KNVTS meeting in Rotterdam last week, Bernardete Castro, Director Sustainability at Royal IHC, showed how Royal IHC is helping its customers to better manage this uncertainty.

The classic design approach is no longer sufficient.

Life cycle assessments of dredgers, for example, show that the biggest gains in terms of environmental impact can be made in fuel consumption.

Using scenario thinking, Royal IHC provides insight into the impact of alternative fuels over the entire life cycle of a dredger.

In short, different tools are now available to design and build future-proof dredging vessels and equipment in a rapidly changing world.

Bernardete called for these tools to be used to speed up the process of making the dredging industry more sustainable.