New phase of Kingstown Port Modernisation Project kicks off

Another phase of the Kingstown Port Modernisation Project is set to begin today, the Agency For Public Information – St. Vincent and the Grenadines said. photo

According to Assistant Project Manager in the Project Implementation Unit, Lenski Douglas, the all clear has been given for AECON to begin offshore sand dredging between Argyle, Diamond and Brighton.

Yesterday, the dredging vessel – which arrived at Port Kingstown over the weekend – completed calibration and will sail at first light this morning to begin dredging.

The first shipment of sand is expected to arrive in Kingstown later today.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said that 1.17 million cubic meters of sand will be dredged to fill 16 acres of reclaimed land at the port project site in Kingstown.

Over the next seven weeks, dredging is expected to take place some 750 meters from the shoreline, without any negative impact on coastal wave action.

The Port Modernisation Project is the second largest capital project in this country’s history, it is being done at a cost of EC$620 million.

The project forms part of Government’s urban development project which includes the rehabilitation of Little Tokyo.