TSHD HAM 316 busy reclaiming new land in Kingstown

The VINCY Issues Now facebook page has just released this beautiful photo from the Kingstown Port Modernisation Project.

VINCY Issues Now photo

The dredger HAM 316 will, beginning this week and continuing for seven weeks, move a total of 1.17 million cubic metres of sand from the seabed off the south east coast of St. Vincent, to Kingstown where new land is being reclaimed to construct a new container port.

The vessel is a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) and will make six round trips in each 24-hour period, with each round trip from the dredge site to the project site and back taking between three and four hours.

The Port Modernisation Project is the second largest capital project in this country’s history.

The scheme forms part of Government’s urban development project which includes the rehabilitation of Little Tokyo.