Lincolnshire beaches get new sand

Annual works to reduce the risk of flooding for Lincolnshire’s coastal communities, undertaken by the Environment Agency, are now underway.

Van Oord photo

Over the next 6 to 7 weeks, around 400,000 cubic metres of sand will be topped up on beaches between Saltfleet and Gibraltar Point, reducing the risk of flooding for the coastal communities.

The Environment Agency’s annual beach management sees sand dredged from licensed areas of the seabed. The sand is then pumped onto the beach to replace levels naturally lost to the sea throughout the year.

This reduces the risk of flooding for 20,000 homes and businesses, 24,500 static caravans and 35,000 hectares of land, said EA.

Starting at Huttoft on 8 May, the work will progress along the coast in stages at these approximate dates (subject to change):

  • Huttoft, 8 to 12 May.
  • Mablethorpe, 13 to 15 May.
  • Trusthorpe, 16 to 23 May.
  • Sutton on Sea, 24 to 25 May.
  • Boygrift, 26 to 31 May.
  • Chapel Six Marshes, 1 June to 5 June.
  • Trunch Lane, 6 June to 11 June.
  • Ingoldmells, 11 June to 15 June.
  • Wolla Bank, 15 June to 18 June.

The £7 million beach management work is funded as part of the Environment Agency’s capital programme.

The project is a record £5.2 billion government investment in England’s flood and coastal defences to better protect hundreds of thousands of properties by 2027.