Høj Nordic wraps up dredging of the Randers Harbor

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor has completed dredging operations at the Port of Randers, Denmark.

Photo courtesy of the Høj Nordic

“The dredging project at Randers Havn has now been completed. The fairway’s depth of 7 meters has thus been re-established,” the company said in the announcement.

Dredging of the harbor kicked off last summer after the survey showed that approximately 180,000m3 of material needs to be removed from the waterway. In the end, Høj Nordic removed over 200,000m3 of dredged material from the Randers and the nearby areas.

Overall, the project included dredging of the entire harbour and the access channel to a desired depth of 7 meters. In addition, dredging was also carried out in three local marinas in Dronningborg, Uggelhuse and Mellerup.