Kemi expansion project enters final phase

Started in the spring 2021, the biggest expansion in the history of the Kemi Port has reached its home stretch.

Photo courtesy of Boskalis Terramare

“The expansion work has continued after a short winter break. The quay and the infrastructure will be finished up by the end of June and the dredging work will continue through the summer,” said Jari Heikkilä, Port of Kemi technical manager and expansion project manager. “The new, 12-meter fairway will be in its safe clearance depth in September.”

With the new, over 400 meters long quay and deep-water fairway, Port of Kemi will be able to offer cost-efficient and even more versatile services.

Also, this week Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency continued dredging of the Government administrated Ajos sea fairway. According to the officials, most of the dredging work is now finished.

During this season, the fairway will be finished up and safety devices as well as guide signs will be installed. In the Government administrated sea fairway, Boskalis Terramare Ltd. operates as the contractor of the deepening project.