Barcelona Harbor dredging moves ahead

Dredging operations are underway at the Barcelona Harbor in Westfield.

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In the past four years, over twelve feet of sediment has been deposited over a four acre area.

Contractors and crews from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are relocating debris at the moment.

New York Congressman Nick Langworthy recently announced the Army Corp of Engineers’ plan to start dredging the Barcelona Harbor in May, three months ahead of schedule. 

Securing an earlier start date is a big win for the people and economy of Chautauqua County, said the official. 

“After successful meetings with the Army Corp of Engineers and local stakeholders on the dire need for dredging of the Barcelona Harbor, I am excited to announce those positive talks have resulted in a positive outcome for the residents and tourists of Westfield,” said Congressman Nick Langworthy.

County Executive PJ Wendel added that this has been in the works for many years, with a plethora of huge storms and big waves, a slew of debris has made its way onto the shore.