EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Land reclamation at Eko Atlantic in full swing

Eko Atlantic, Nigeria, is entering the next phase of its land reclamation efforts.

Eko Atlantic photo

The sand-filling process for phase 4 of the project will begin immediately after the completion of phase 3 and extend towards its designated area. The construction of infrastructure and buildings is progressing steadily across phases 1 to 3.

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This ambitious project, funded entirely by private sources, was initiated to safeguard the low-lying regions of Victoria Island and Lekki from the advancing Atlantic Ocean, which posed a significant threat to these areas.

With an estimated population of 300,000 residents and an additional 200,000 daily commuters expected to flock to the city, Eko Atlantic is on track to become the new financial hub of Africa.

Already, residents and businesses have begun to relocate to three fully constructed towers, while an additional 11 towers are currently being built by different developers throughout the city.

Spanning an area of 6.5 square kilometres reclaimed from the ocean and fortified by a completed 6.5-kilometre-long seawall, Eko Atlantic will rival Manhattan’s iconic skyscraper district in size.