HID announces partnership with National Science Academician from Kyrgyzstan

HID Dredger, a Chinese manufacturer of dredgers and dredging equipment, joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) recently, and also signed partnership with Mr. Altai Borubaev, the National Science Academician from Kyrgyzstan, for the purpose of improving water quality by creating water purifying solutions.

HID photo

Mr. Altai’s partnership with HID aims to foster innovation and produce advanced technology and equipment that will promote the sustainable development of the water resources environment in Kyrgyzstan, the Chinese dredging company said.

Commenting the latest milestone, HID’s General Manager, Ms. Bella Wang, said: “This partnership with Mr. Altai in Kyrgyzstan is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our commitment to supporting in our specialist areas, and broadening our existing markets with state-of-the-art products and services.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Altai expressed his optimism for the future: “Our partnership with HID represents a remarkable opportunity to create a positive impact on the Ecological environment management of water resources in Kyrgyzstan. By leveraging HID’s expertise, we aim to develop groundbreaking solutions that will not only improve the water resources’ ecological environment but also elevate the people’s happiness.”

With HID’s expertise and technological advancements, the collaborative efforts will focus on developing equipment that addresses water-related challenges and maximizes the potential for a better water resource environment.