Dredging equipment in place for Brigantine beach replenishment

The dredging equipment for the Brigantine beach replenishment has arrived in the Absecon Inlet.

Real Brigantine photo

Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera – NJ’s update said that the replenishment work is scheduled to begin around August 5th.

In the area of the replenishment, survey crews (in boats) will be close to the shoreline and it may cause concerns from people on the beach.

“The Beach Patrol will be aware of when the surveying will be done and clear the water during that time as needed. It won’t pose any danger to the bathers, but it may cause some people to be nervous because the boats will be close to the shore,” according to the update.

The boat work will be done at high tide and land work done at low tide. Survey work is about to start as soon as the crews are available to begin.

Vernon Place is the proposed end, but the limit could be expanded if it’s determined to be needed.