MTCC ready for the Dharavandhoo dredging works

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) is gearing up for another construction project in Dharavandhoo.

Photo courtesy of MTCC

Earlier today, MTCC CEO Adam Azim and his team met with Secretariat of the Dharavandhoo Council, South Malhosmadulu to discuss status of B. Dharavandhoo Harbor Development Project.

According to MTCC, they have completed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Dharavandhoo dredging works and mobilization is scheduled to commence soon.

The scope of the works include, dredging of 30,504cbm for the new harbor basin, dredging of 1843cbm in the existing harbor basin, dredging of 2301cbm in the new harbor channel, construction of a 352m long breakwater, a 83m revetment, a 24m groyne, a 248m quay wall, etc.

The value of the project is MVR 51.37 million (approx. $3.3 million).