Baker Hughes Foundation supports coastal restoration in the United States

The Baker Hughes Foundation has announced two grants focused on coastal restoration in the United States: first, a $100,000 grant to National Coastal Resilience Fund, and additionally a $50,000 grant to Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

Photo courtesy of Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

The National Coastal Resilience Fund is a program led by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to support the implementation of nature-based solutions to enhance the resilience of coastal communities and ecosystems. 

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) works at the state, local and federal levels to restore and protect coastal Louisiana.

Coastal communities and ecosystems are under threat from rising sea levels, more intense storms and changing rainfall patterns, causing dramatic impacts on the nation’s energy interests.

Wetlands along the coastline provide many important ecological services.

Established in 2018, the National Coastal Resilience Fund invests in conservation projects that restore or expand natural features that minimize the impacts of storms and other naturally occurring events on nearby undeserved communities.

Recognizing that Louisiana’s coastal land loss will have dramatic impacts on the nation’s energy, navigation and fisheries interests, CRCL works to ensure that Louisiana has a thriving, sustainable coast for all.