Royal IHC: Dredge simulator training at Richards Bay Minerals completes

IHC Mining recently embarked on the first dredger simulator training series with its client, Richards Bay Minerals (RBM), and the company announced today that the training has been successfully completed.

Royal IHC photo

The intensive simulator and theory training took place at the RBM operation in South Africa and was uniquely tailored for RBM’s operators, shift workers and dredge masters.

The purpose of the training was to ensure that the trainees get a better understanding of the mining process in their exceptional high-dune environment, and to adapt more efficiency to the corresponding challenges.

According to IHC, the trainees also gained more insight in the dynamics and interaction between the dredger and concentrator plant.

Royal IHC photo

Overall, the learning outcomes, once applied in practice, will result in a more efficient mining process, with less spillage and a prolonged life of the orebody, said IHC.