Government of Canada invests in Tuktoyaktuk coastal protection

Michael McLeod, Member of Parliament for Northwest Territories, His Worship Erwin Elias, Mayor of Tuktoyaktuk, and Duane Smith, Chair and CEO of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, has announced a federal investment of more than $53.7 million to mitigate current and future impacts of climate change on the shoreline of the Inuvialuit community of Tuktoyaktuk.

Michael McLeod facebook photo

Through this investment, armoured rock and other materials will be installed along the shoreline most impacted by erosion and in front of Tuktoyaktuk Island to reduce the force of the waves that are washing away the land that this community is situated on.

According to the Government of Canada, the island provides some natural protection from further erosion, but requires built infrastructure to ensure it keeps serving that function.

In addition, as a preventive or pre-emptive measure, improvements to existing concrete slab protections will be made, along with other upgrades to the barrier beach at the south end of the community. This will help the community prepare for future climate change scenarios, said the Government.

In recent years, several homes have had to be moved inland due to erosion. This new mitigation infrastructure means that Inuvialuit and local residents of Tuktoyaktuk will be more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Through collaborative work and ongoing engagement with Indigenous communities, this project will ensure future generations can continue to live in this community, preserving the rich history and tradition of the region, said the Government.