EXCLUSIVE: Taking dredging to the next level by Damen CSDs

The first of Damen new generation Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD) has entered the final stages of assembly at Damen Dredging in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

Damen photo

The CSD600 is capable of dredging to depths of -18 metres with 250kW cutter power.

“The dredger is more productive, more efficient, more sustainable and safer – raising the bar to a whole new level,” Damen said.

The new models and a new class

The series is made up of three smaller models; the CSD300, CSD400 and CSD450, two medium models; the CSD500 and CSD600, and the largest one, the monohull CSD700.

The CSD600 bridges the gap between the CSD500 and CSD700.

Production will take place in stages, starting with the CSD600 which is already being built.

Over the next two years it will be followed by the CSD450, CSD400, CSD500, CSD700 and finally the CSD300.