Improvement works at Heritage Park Lake include dredging

The Johnson County Park and Recreation District began drawing down water levels in Heritage Park Lake in early June in preparation for much-needed water quality and habitat improvements. photo

The project involves dredging sediments and native earthen materials from the lake, as well as from about 1,500 feet of stream at the lake’s north end.

Also, the improvements include removal of Black Bob Island, addition of deep-water fish refuge areas, and construction of a 10-acre sediment forebay and wetland area in the upper third of the lake.

These improvements are expected to increase the storage volume of the 41-acre lake, which has seen sedimentation reduce its capacity by 50% since its original construction in 1980.

The lake is also the largest body of water in the Blue River Watershed, and the principal source of irrigation for Heritage Park Golf Course, Heritage Football Complex, Heritage Soccer and Heritage Softball.

The project began June 5 with the lake drawdown.

Earthwork and dredging will start and operate through summer and fall and will shut down in late 2023. The same process will occur in 2024, with project completion anticipated late next year.