IHC puts spotlight on the commissioning of new dredger in Brazil

Although 2023 has been a year of incredible achievements for IHC Mining, the company yesterday shared another major milestone – commissioning of the new dredge in Brazil.

Photo courtesy of IHC

IHC Mining kicked off the year by securing a groundbreaking sale of a state-of-the-art dredger for one of the valued clients in Brazil.

Few months later, the company successfully launched, assembled and commissioned this cutting-edge equipment – one of the most significant mining projects in Brazil to date.

According to IHC, the assembly phase took 3 weeks, with meticulous planning and dedication from the team and specialised subcontractors.

With the guidance of IHC experts, the company’s Brazilian and Netherlands-based support teams collaborated to ensure a seamless process throughout the project.

In just 2 weeks, they tested and adjusted every element during the commissioning phase, guaranteeing perfection in every detail.

The new BeaverĀ® 45 dredger and the DMC workboat are now being used by client Vale in the clean-up project in the Paraopeba River.