Cooper II dredging Ocean Reef Marina

The Ocean Reef Marina project in Joondalup (WA) is really taking shape as the site team is heading towards dredging of the marina basin.

Photo courtesy of the City of Joondalup

In order to accommodate a wide range of vessels, the internal marina waterfront basin at Ocean Reef Marina needs to achieve a certain depth that has been agreed with the Department of Transport.

The dredging, which is being carried out by the 22m cutter suction dredge “Cooper II”, is expected to last until October/November 2023.

The dredge will remove material from the ocean floor and pump it via a pipeline to a settlement pond, which will be constructed across the width of the existing beach.

The dredged material will be contained in the settlement pond by a sand and rock ‘bund’, with a small channel left open to allow the water that drains from the dredged material to return to the ocean.

Once the dredged material has fully drained and settled, it will be excavated and removed from the settlement pond for use elsewhere on site.