Sand nourishment halted on Doggie Beach

Noosa Council has halted work on the sand nourishment project at Doggie Beach.

Noosa Council photo

In consultation with the contractor engaged to do the project, it was decided to stop the dredging work due to the challenging nature of that section of the Noosa River and the likelihood of it not being completed before the permit deadline.

Acting infrastructure services director, Bryan O’Connor, said that the decision was made due to the challenging environmental conditions and timeframe constraints linked to the permit works.

“The work needed to be completed by late September to comply with the environmental permit and, in discussions with the contractor, it was going to be a challenge to satisfactorily complete the work prior to the deadline,” he said.

This means that the beach and adjacent waterway are now open to the public.

Under the permit, work can only be conducted between April and September due to seasonal migratory shorebirds.

Council said that they will continue to investigate options to complete the sand nourishment work when possible.