Cape Charles beachfill project starting soon

Due to significant annual erosion on the Town of Cape Charles public beach, there is an ongoing requirement to replenish the sand lost to these natural forces each year.

Photo courtesy of USACE

The Town has therefore requested, and has been granted, the opportunity to receive sand from a Kings Creek Channel dredging project that has been in the planning stages for several years.

This dredging project – being run through Northampton County and the A-NPDC (Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission) – is set to begin this September.

According to the Town, the project will require partial closures of the Cape Charles public beach as the project dredge materials are deposited and spread throughout the beachfront.

“The contractor will begin mobilization of equipment on the beach the week of September 11th; with actual dredge work expected to begin a week or two after that. The total duration of the project could run until the end of November,” Cape Charles officials said in the release.

The project involves pumping sand/water through a pipeline brought up onto the beach. Heavy equipment (bulldozer and excavator) will move the sand around as it is pumped ashore.

The initial area of closure required for this project will begin on September 11, 2023 and extend from the north end of the beach to the Madison Avenue beach entrance. Residents and visitors can continue using the remaining southern portions of the beach until the project reaches those areas.