Gdynia’s Northern Port breakwater project almost done

Port of Gdansk Authority has just announced that the modernization of the breakwater system in the Northern Port is nearing completion.

Photo courtesy of Port of Gdansk Authority

As reported, the construction part has already been completed, only formal and settlement issues remain.

“The investment of the Maritime Office in Gdynia improves the efficiency of the port, strengthens safety and operational capacity regardless of weather conditions,” the port said in the update.

The expansion concerned the system of breakwaters responsible for covering the eastern side of the Northern Port. The project is being implemented on an area of approximately 232 ha – including the area of dredging works amounting to approximately 145 ha.

Overall, the project includes:

  • construction of a new protective breakwater on the extension of the existing island breakwater;
  • construction of a platform for birds (Bird Island), located between the previously existing island breakwater and its extension;
  • construction of a 826m long new south-eastern breakwater; and
  • repairing the 1,625m long northern island breakwater.