Kingcome River dredging project available for public comment

The Dzawada’enuxw First Nation and B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy are working together to dredge the mouth of the Kingcome River.

Photo courtesy of the Government of Canada

The Kingcome River Channel Dredging project covers the lower 1 km of the mainstem of the River, directly upstream from where its delta meets Kingcome Inlet. The dredge area is 35m wide to provide passage for vessels plying the Kingcome River.

The dredging contractor is expected to use a derrick barge with either a mounted crane or excavator to carry out mechanical dredging.

It is possible that suction dredging would also be used, if early work shows the dredged material is suitably free of organic and inorganic debris.

According to the officials, dredging will generally proceed from the mouth of the river, and move upstream. This is due to the shallow depths in the river, and will allow work to be carried out over the full tide cycle.

The deadline for sending comments on the Kingcome River Dredging project is October 20, 2023.