Opotiki dredging operations make progress

Opotiki District Council said that the construction work continues on the harbour walls and great progress is being made on the raised ends and with Pohonui dredging between the walls and river closure.

Opotiki District Council photo

Also, the Ōpōtiki harbour channel opened to recreational boats over the last weekend, marking a significant milestone that has been decades in the making.

Commenting the latest news, Ōpōtiki Mayor, David Moore, said: “The redevelopment won’t only provide an economic boost for Ōpōtiki, but it will also improve safety.”

“The Coastguard boats can be out there in a matter of seconds if they’re needed for an emergency, which is a significant improvement when it comes to our community staying safe out on the water.”

“It’s a win-win-win, great for our community, our economy, and for the safety of those out on the water.”

This ties into the wider Ōpōtiki Harbour and Wharf Masterplan, with the end goal of connecting the Wharf to the CBD.

At this stage, it’s just private vessels that can drive through the channel, but in a few months’ time, the channel will be open for larger vessels too.