Dredging wraps up at Salmon Harbor Marina

Douglas County Board of Commissioners Tom Kress, Chris Boice, and Tim Freeman have announced the successful completion of a historic dredging project at Salmon Harbor Marina in Winchester Bay.

douglascountyor.gov photo

“We are pleased that we were able to get the dredging done, but the journey to accomplishing this was quite an ordeal,” stated Commissioner Chris Boice.

“Our Harbor Master Jim Zimmer did a phenomenal job coordinating with multiple agencies and hurdling various obstacles; however, the marina community shouldn’t have to wait so long for this important work to get done.”

The last time Salmon Harbor Marina was dredged was in 2003.

Looking forward to 2024, Salmon Harbor Marina has ambitious plans to capitalize on cost-saving opportunities. The U.S. Coast Guard is scheduled to dredge the east basin, presenting a timely opportunity to collaborate and complete additional work.

Due to the cost of mobilization and demobilization of equipment, and the expense of offshore disposal, Douglas County is investigating Commissioner Boice’s idea of purchasing its own suction dredge.