New workboat hits the water at Royal IHC

Royal IHC is celebrating a new milestone with the launch of the newly-designed DMC 1050 Workboat.

Photo courtesy of Royal IHC

“This outstanding workboat marks a significant milestone as it has evolved into a genuine in-house Royal IHC product,” the company said in the release. “This exciting development empowers us to raise the bar in terms of quality and reliability, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.”

The DMC (Delta Multi Craft) 1050 is a compact multipurpose heavy duty work boat that has been designed to optimize the operation of Royal IHC’s Beaver cutter suction dredgers. The DMC range is renowned for its durability, reliability and performance.

New features that set the DMC 1050 apart include:

  • Improved stability: IHC has chosen design elements to improve the stability of the vessel, making every operation smoother and safer even in challenging conditions.
  • Enlarged work deck and bunker capacity: Recognizing the importance of space and capacity, IHC has opted for an enlarged, completely flat work deck and two larger built-in bunker tanks. This offers more space and capacity than ever before, allowing the workboat to excel in performing the job for which it was designed.
  • Operations Monitoring: Innovation is at the heart of the DMC 1050. Now that Operations Monitoring is standard on every DMC, owners get valuable insights into the DMC’s performance, activities and position so they can make informed operational decisions.
  • Sustainability at heart: IHC believes in responsible practices. The DMC 1050 demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability by incorporating recycled synthetic materials, contributing to a greener maritime industry.

Following the launching ceremony, the new design of IHC DMC 1050 Workboat will be soon available from stock after commissioning and trails in the coming weeks.