Relong at Shanghai Maritime Show: Connecting with industry professionals

The Relong Dredger team participated in the Shanghai Maritime Show earlier this month, creating a platform to showcase its products and connect with industry professionals.

Relong photo

During the show, the team introduced a lot of new technology and products, created to deal with different dredging requirements.

“We also engaged the discussions with stakeholders, including potential clients and industry leaders, preparing the groundwork for future collaborations. The best part is that we are able to integrate our resource and explain the solution to the specific dredging demand for our partners,” the company said.

Relong photo

“Despite overall success, it’s crucial to note that we still face various challenging dredging requirements which urgently need us to make further improvements on technologies and dredging solutions,” concluded Relong, one of the most important manufacturer of dredging equipment in China, in its official statement.