Pilbara Ports reviewing tender for the Dampier Cargo Wharf projects

Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) will soon begin construction work on the Dampier Cargo Wharf projects.

Photo courtesy of the Pilbara Ports

This major work will transform and expand Pilbara Ports’ marine infrastructure and operational capability at the Port of Dampier – marking the first time in more than 30 years that the Dampier Cargo Wharf has seen a significant investment in infrastructure.

According to PPA, the projects involve the staged construction of two new multi-user facilities, the Dampier Bulk Handling Facility (DBHF – Stage 1) and Dampier Link Bridge (Stage 2), and a major refurbishment of the existing Dampier Cargo Wharf (Stage 3).

Pilbara Ports is currently reviewing tenders for the design and construction of the DBHF. The facility will be built south of the existing Dampier Cargo Wharf and will be supported by a new berth pocket which will be 13.2 meters deep, and a new vessel maneuvering area, approximately 11m deep.

Dampier Cargo Wharf Projects