Moray Council OKs coastal protection works for Kingston

A 500mm high shingle bank is being built by Moray Council in a bid to reduce flood erosions in Kingston.

Moray Council photo

The ridge with naturally sloping sides will run from the west side of Lein Car Park to the east end of the green space, tying back into the main shingle ridge at the lagoon, said the council.

Chair of the Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Marc Macrae, said: ā€Completion of the Moray-wide Coastal Adaptation Plan will be a welcome opportunity to highlight those areas where there is risk and the trigger points at which action may be taken.”

ā€œIā€™m pleased the Committee has approved this recommendation for the Kingston works in the meantime and I look forward to meeting with the community soon at the engagement session.ā€

The Coastal Adaptation Plan is expected to be completed by March.

Also, it will be submitted for elected members consideration at the Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee on 30 April.