Townsville’s Eastern Breakwater project completed

Port of Townsville contractors, CivilPlus Constructions have finished shortening the Eastern Breakwater, removing 22,000 tons of rock in a project that took 5960 work hours.

Photo courtesy of the Townsville Port

Overall, the project included removalĀ of material to shorten the existing breakwater by approximately 70m and allow capital dredging to continue.

CivilPlus also placed around 5,000 tons of new armour rock on the shortened breakwater which was sourced locally from quarries in Townsville and Ravenswood.

According to the port, there were plenty of curious critters keeping an eye on proceedings, with 234 turtle sightings, 61 dolphins and one sea snake spotted during the works.

The breakwater shortening has enabled backhoe dredge Woomera to widen the Harbour Entrance as part of the $251 million Channel Upgrade project.