Towards circular net zero dredge equipment

Royal IHC has been working hard lately on sustainable propulsion systems and things such as electrification of dredging equipment.

Photo courtesy of IHC

Fridus Rijnten, Dredging Equipment Director at IHC, is positive when it comes to sustainable business practices: “We are making our dredging equipment parts more and more efficient, and therefore more sustainable: each new generation of parts is better than the previous one.”

But that’s not enough. We also look at the composition of the materials of the parts we manufacture for dredging equipment and into ways to recover the resources used in these parts,” continued Rijnten. “Just take the pump parts we supply across the globe. These contain high-alloy steel, i.e. not only iron and carbon, but also various precious elements such as chrome.”

By taking back worn parts from their customers as much as possible and then recycling them, IHC is able to reuse 70 to 80% of the mass in the cast parts.

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