Lumsden Point land reclamation on the way

Pilbara Ports said that they will be undertaking land reclamation work later this year on the Lumsden Point project in the Port of Port Hedland using a cutter suction dredger (CSD).

Pilbara Ports photo

A CSD cuts the seabed material and mixes it with water to create a slurry which is then pumped into the land reclamation area.

The land reclamation area is bounded by a rock wall lined with geotextile and grit material to ensure all material remains inside.

The good coarse material is used to create new land and the finer/silty or unsuitable material will flow into the pump pit.

According to Pilbara Ports, the pump pit has a series of pumps which will pump this silty water to a silt settlement area approximately three kilometres away where it will be given time to settle, so the clean water can be returned to the waterway, which will be monitored to ensure it meets a high level of ecological protection.