Shoreline stabilization moves ahead at Tanner Park, Copiague

A shoreline stabilization project is currently underway at Tanner Park in Copiague, the Town of Babylon said. photo

The scope of work involves:

  • construction of approximately 386 linear feet of rock revetment,
  • installation of approximately 412 feet of coir logs, and
  • backfilling and planting with native vegetation.

This comprehensive approach not only fortifies the shoreline but also contributes to the preservation of local ecology, said the Town.

The Tanner Park shoreline stabilization project marks a significant step in our ongoing efforts to protect our coastal assets and recreational areas,” said Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez.

“By addressing the erosion issues exacerbated by events like recent coastal storms, we are ensuring the long-term resilience of our waterfront areas.”

The necessity for this project arose from the erosion that began to undermine the shoreline, particularly evident after Hurricane Sandy, said the Town. This erosion also impacted the entrance to the Howell Creek canal near Tanner Park Marina.

With Suffolk County’s dredging of the channel in 2022, the urgency to stabilize the area became paramount to prevent further erosion and protect vital infrastructure within Tanner Park.