Fremantle Ports dredging set for next month

Fremantle Ports said that they will start maintenance dredging of the Inner Harbour on April 15, 2024.

photo courtesy of Fremantle Ports

The main goal of this project is to remove sediments from these areas that have accumulated since capital dredging was undertaken in 2010.

Dredging in 2024 is planned to be undertaken in autumn to reduce the impacts on seagrass as their dormancy stage occurs then because of a reduction of sunlight.

A total dredge volume of 80,000m3 is proposed to be removed over five years, with 60,000m3 of sediments planned to be removed in 2024, and then approximately 5,000m3 of sediments annually from 2025-29.

It is proposed that dredged sediments will be disposed of at the Gage Roads offshore disposal site utilised in the 2010 dredging project