Aberdeen’s South Harbour project progressing to Stage 2

Port of Aberdeen is a step closer to becoming a strategic hub for floating offshore wind, with its proposed South Harbour upgrade project progressing to Stage 2.

Photo courtesy of the Port of Aberdeen

The significant upgrade involves a capital dredge project to deepen 750m of quayside to -14.5m chart datum, providing suitable depth for the majority of ScotWind and INTOG project turbine designs.

Bob Sanguinetti, CEO, Port of Aberdeen, said: “SOWEC’s prioritisation of the South Harbour upgrade is a significant vote of confidence from both the Scottish Government and industry in our £420 million expansion. Upgrading South Harbour for floating offshore wind will ensure the unrivalled energy supply chain in Aberdeen and wider North East of Scotland can maximise the opportunities presented by ScotWind and INTOG.”

As Scotland’s largest berthage port, offering 7,600m of quayside across its North and South Harbours, Port of Aberdeen has the potential to become the largest operations and maintenance base for offshore wind.