AMCC ends Mason’s Inlet dredging and beachfill project

Ahtna Marine & Construction Company (AMCC) has announced the successful completion of the Mason’s Inlet dredging and beach renourishment project for New Hanover County in North Carolina.

Photo courtesy of Ahtna Marine & Construction Company

Tasked by New Hanover County, AMCC undertook the vital maintenance dredging of Mason’s Inlet, situated between Shell Island and Figure Eight Island near Wilmington, NC, alongside providing beach renourishment services utilizing dredged material.

This initiative aimed to safeguard properties along the southern portion of Figure Eight Island, which had suffered significant erosion over the years, exacerbated by recent storms.

The project’s significance lies in its role in maintaining water exchange and a navigable inlet between the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, fortifying beachfront homes against ocean wave and tidal erosion, and creating protective habitat during sea turtle nesting season.

Photo courtesy of Ahtna Marine & Construction Company

AMCC strategically initiated the project in January, following the holiday season, to minimize disruptions to beach areas during the peak holiday break period.

Leveraging two Cutter Suction Dredges operating round the clock, AMCC successfully extracted all bid quantities and filled the Figure Eight Island design template, relocating over 500,000 cubic yards of material from the inlet onto the beach. The comprehensive project scope encompassed beach grading and diligent monitoring for environmental concerns.