Sand dredging in the Noosa River channel

Sand dredging to reopen the Noosa River channel and protect Doggy Beach from further erosion is currently underway, according to the Noosa Council, Queensland.

Photo courtesy of the Noosa Council

Early in 2024, the Council endorsed Hall Contracting as preferred contractor for the Noosa Spit Doggy Beach sand nourishment works.

The erosion of Doggy Beach is primarily driven by boat wash, wave action and tides, which result in the channel migration process. Increasing the volume of sand at Doggy Beach will help reduce erosion caused by the current flow and boat wash.

Scope of the work:

  • Phase 1 (A&B) – sand dredging to reopen
    the Noosa River channel.
  • Phase 2 – create sand plugs to redirect
    river flow from eroded shore.
  • Phase 3 – remove fallen trees and
    renourish the beach with 160,000 tonnes of

The work will take place between April and the end of September 2024, minimizing the impact on the coastal and marine environment.