Grand Isle dredging and beachfill starting in June

The final part of the Grand Isle Dune and Beach Construction project, dredging and beach nourishment work, is set to begin this June.

Photo curtesy of Callan Marine

According to the Town, the dredge pipeline currently being assembled along the beach will be used to pump sand along the beach and dune starting at the western end of the beach and moving eastward.

Grand Isle city officials anticipate that the pumping of sand will begin in the mid-June 2024 timeframe at the western most reach of the dune/beach.

As sand pumping completes in each area the pipeline will be disassembled as they move eastward. The contractor, Callan Marine is currently developing a plan to provide access over the pipeline at specific locations.

Overall, the Grand Isle project includes installation of 20,000LF of clay filled geotextile dune core, repairs to the existing sand-filled geo-tube core, and dredged placement of sand to restore the dune and beach in Grand Isle.