IHC completes dredging study for Retiro Mineral Sands Project

IHC Mining’s Consultancy team in the Netherlands completed a dredging study for Rio Grande Mineração’s (RGM) Retiro Mineral Sands Project in Brazil recently.

photo courtesy of Royal IHC

The study focused on the dredge mining component of the project and involved the design and planning of potential dredging scenarios, equipment selection, and cost estimation, all of which are essential inputs for project evaluation, ultimately with the goal of supporting a viable operation.

According to IHC, as the Retiro project is advancing, it was important to get a good understanding of the site and characteristics of the orebody.

For this particular operation our electrically driven cutter suction dredgers (CSD) are the preferred choice to navigate the specific soil conditions, effectively addressing the shallow depths of the deposit and meeting the project’s high throughput requirements,” said Royal IHC.

The study advised on the optimum scenario for these mining dredgers, in combination with the client’s Wet Concentrator Plant, offering RGM a strategic advantage ensuring operational stability and maximizing ore recovery.

The study findings drive the project closer to unlocking its full potential, offering a wet mining solution for a large portion of the deposit and delivering sustainable success, said Royal IHC.