Delaware announces partnership to build new Edgemoor port terminal

The State of Delaware will join the private operator of the Port of Wilmington, Enstructure, to build a new port terminal at a site in Edgemoor, Delaware.

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This historic $635 million infrastructure project is set to be largest shipping terminal in Delaware since the current Port of Wilmington opened in 1923.

Construction of the new port facility will be conducted in three phases, with the first to be completed over an estimated 32-month period.

Much of the early work in the first phase will be focused on waterside construction:

  • building a seawall,
  • high deck,
  • associated dredging

Landside construction of the actual terminal will come later with proactive public participation and community engagement. Phases two and three of the project will be built by Enstructure when business justifies the additional capacity.

The new Edgemoor terminal is estimated to create nearly 6,000 new jobs, including more than 3,100 direct jobs.

Total state and local taxes generated from Edgemoor are estimated at $39.4 million annually.

In addition, building the new facility will create more than 3,900 construction jobs and generate $42.3 million in tax revenues.