Historic Ellicott CSD continues work in South America

In 1954, Ellicott Dredges’ vessel known as the Río Magdalena was shipped to Colombia to operate in various river dredging projects including the Canal del Dique, the Magdalena River, and the Sinu River.

photo courtesy of Ellicott Dredges

The massive cutter suction dredge (CSD) is 230ft (70.5m) in length and 44ft (13.5m) in width. The dredge is equipped with auto-propulsion and has a total installed horsepower of 2250.

For context, the Magdalena River plays a crucial role in Colombia’s economy for being a vital transportation route for goods. Since the 1800s, goods have been and continue to be transported via shallow-draft steamboats,” said Ellicott.

The accumulation of sand and sediment due to deforestation, erosion, and flooding requires dredging to maintain the navigability of the river. This is where the historic Río Magdalena dredge has come into play, said Ellicott.

The CSD is still in operation, and this year will be its 70th anniversary of shipment.