Liebherr HS 8200 dredging in Greenland (VIDEO)

Not far from the North Pole, where temperatures are low and living conditions are challenging, many goods for the residents of Greenland arrive by ship or plane.

Photo courtesy of Liebherr

To enable larger aircraft to land in Ilulissat in the future, the runway must be expanded. To prevent settling, the thick layer of clay sediments on the seabed is removed before the foundation for the new runway is built up.

For the dredging work, Liebherr HS 8200 is utilized with a clamshell grab with a capacity of 3.5m2. This allows almost 1000m3 of clay material to be excavated during a day shift.

But Liebherr HS 8200 isn’t just for dredging, it’s also utilized for placing large stones with a rock handling grab.

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