Baars backhoe Shannon busy in Benin

Baars’ backhoe pontoon Shannon is currently very busy working in the Port of Cotonou, Benin.

photo courtesy of Baars

The project aims not only to improve the port, but also to expand the terminal for ocean-going vessels.

A key factor in this project is the dredging work in the port basin and the areas around the piers.

The Shannon is a robust 42.72 x 14.63 x 2.89m pontoon made up of modular pontoons; 9.5m depth. This intelligent design provides the stability and manoeuvrability essential for efficient dredging operations, said Baars.

Equipped with two 24m square modular spudpontoons and a 24m moveable long spudleg with winches, the Shannon can move easily without the assistance of tugs.