Gebr. van der Lee: IHC Beagle – versatile like a Swiss Army knife

The Teunis Huibertus, a TSHD Beagle® 4, was delivered by IHC Dredging to Gebr. van der Lee in February 2023 and has already been deployed on various dredging projects in the Netherlands and Germany.

photo courtesy of IHC

Fleet manager Niels Hooites of Gebr. van der Lee describes their latest acquisition as a ‘Swiss Army knife’: “The vessel performs remarkably well in both silt and sand. It is versatile, accurate and delivers great performance. This trailing suction hopper dredger will enable us to contract more ambitious projects.”

The dredger has already worked on a wide range of projects: from sand replenishment near the coast of Scheveningen to dredging on the Kieler Canal.

The vessel is versatile and has a good size. A waterway authority in Germany had never seen a dredging job done in such a short time before,” added Hooites.

The Teunis Huibertus is the third dredger in Gebr. van der Lee’s fleet of six vessels. It was the first newbuild vessel and is by far their largest trailing suction hopper dredger.