Royal IHC: Transition to sustainable dredging vessels

To reduce CO2, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate emissions for maintenance dredging along the Dutch coast, Royal IHC is working with Rijkswaterstaat to develop a fully sustainable dredger: the H2-Hopper.

Photo courtesy of Royal IHC

This unique TSHD is powered by green hydrogen, has no emissions and is minimised in its energy consumption. Rijkswaterstaat’s transition to sustainable coastal maintenance in the Netherlands is ambitious and challenging.

To facilitate innovations in coast line protection, Rijkswaterstaat, responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the Netherlands, opted for a new European form of tendering: the Innovation Partnership.

In this partnership, Rijkswaterstaat and the industry work together to develop innovative ideas into practical solutions. The H2-Hopper is the tangible result of the innovation partnership between Rijkswaterstaat and Royal IHC to develop sustainable solutions for coastal maintenance.

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