Holland Shipyards convert inland vessel into dredger

Holland Shipyards Group has just shared an exciting announcement: the successful conversion of an inland vessel into a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger.

Photo courtesy of Holland Shipyards

The dredger, named ‘Taruma’ started her journey as a standard inland vessel. Holland Shipyards engineered and installed advanced dredging equipment, such as a complete drag arm system, jet monitors, and a complete jet pump and dredge pump system.

But the work didn’t stop there, the complete conversion of the vessel included significant structural modifications, demonstrating the shipyard’s ability to deliver complex maritime projects from start to finish.

The result is a 1,300m³ hopper dredger, capable of pumping 2,500m³/h (mixed) with a dredging depth ranging from 8 to 17 meters. With versatile discharging options, including a shore connection, rainbow nozzle and bottom doors, the Taruma is ready to tackle the most demanding dredging tasks.