HID CSD 4016 dredger proves success in Russia

The HID CSD 4016 dredger, equipped with a patented cutter head, anchoring rods and spud carriage, was delivered to Russia recently.

photo courtesy of HID

According to HID, the dredger demonstrates high productivity at dredging depths of up to 13 meters and maintains a flow capacity of 2000m³/h with a discharge distance of 1500 meters.

Additionally, the new CSD is powered by twin Weichai engines.

photo courtesy of HID

In today’s global landscape, the river dredging projects are essential for maintaining clear waterways and mitigating flood risks.

In Russia, where rivers are crisscrossed and characterized by severe winter freezing, sediment accumulation poses a significant challenge.

Effective river dredging is crucial for ensuring national transportation and environmental sustainability.